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ROBI AGNES – it’s a lifestyle, not a trend

”We aim to create your timeless wardrobe essentials by highly considering style without sacrificing the feeling of comfort. The main inspiration behind every product is the person who wears it. That makes YOU our main motivation.

By creating stylish & effortless products, we desire not only to make you look & feel good, but at the same time, to empower and provide that feeling of irresistible confidence in your everyday life.”

– ROBERTA SKIAUTERYTĖ, the founder & creator of ROBI AGNES

Made to last

All our pieces are carefully designed & produced locally in Lithuania from premium quality Italian yarns. Our skilled knitters, tailors and other craftsmen honor conscientious materials and a quality-first philosophy. Accordingly, every piece is made to last beyond the season.

More conscious choice

Sustainability is a big part of our brand DNA and it’s thought of in every part of the product development journey. Therefore, the majority of our signature pieces are crafted from natural yarns and transcend all seasons. Small capsule collections are produced twice a year, with explicit depth and soul added to each piece.