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It’s a journey…

ROBI AGNES is a modern exploration of personal wardrobe beyond a season or trend and a journey to a more responsible future of the sustainable knitwear industry. All our designs are made locally in Lithuania from premium-quality Italian yarns.

We call ourselves “more sustainable and responsible” than “completely sustainable,” as we know there is always room for growth and improvement. However, we are fully committed to “becoming and doing” better every day by highly considering each step in our sourcing and production processes.

TIMELESS DESIGN – beyond one season

At ROBI AGNES we have a deep commitment to timeless design, always striving to create the best possible version of each product to ensure you will use and love every item for years to come. Our wardrobe essentials are versatile and crafted with a modern lifestyle in mind rather than following temporary trends. Every piece could be worn time after time, dressed up or dressed down, despite the age or season.


SLOWER – quality over quantity

Our capsule collections are built on a foundation of quality and longevity. To avoid overstock, we release only two capsule collections each year and produce limited quantities of products. Some of our garments, such as sweaters and cardigans for kids, are only made as pre-orders.

By optimizing and eliminating our inventory volumes, we avoid excess material and product stock sitting on shelves, which damages the reputation of the fashion industry and negatively affects our planet. This “inventory-less” model gives us more time to carefully craft each piece with explicit depth and soul added to the process.

QUALITY – each piece is an investment in your everyday

One of our top priorities is to create seasonless, long-lasting pieces crafted from responsibly sourced materials. We are proud to say that the majority of our collections are made from premium-quality natural, animal-friendly, and planet-friendly Italian yarns. During the production process no harmful or irritant chemicals are used.

Our products meet the highest quality standards and are made from certified yarns to ensure the animals’ welfare and safe working conditions for workers.

We only use Portuguese LINEN that has OEKO-TEX Standard 100, BCI, and GOTS certificates. It means that our linen was grown organically, is free of harmful chemicals, and is safe for human use.

Our ALPACA WOOL is mostly undyed and meets the standards for recycled blends (ICEA, Alpaca Blend Mark). Originally sourced in Peru, where the vast majority of alpacas live in their natural habitat.

Our mulesing-free WOOL  has been awarded OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class A Certification. Meaning that our yarns have passed the highest standard and are suitable for direct contact with the most sensitive skin, even that of babies and small children. The wool we use in our knitwear is sourced in Chile only from trusted suppliers.

Our COTTON is organically blended, containing 80% organically grown cotton certified by ICEA OCS. This type of blend tends to be stronger than pure cotton fabrics.

Our most popular products are crafted from extrafine MERINO WOOL from Australia and Chile. It also has a certificate for OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which stands for customer confidence and high product safety. Also, no harmful or irritant chemicals are used during the production processes. 

BUTTONS used on our cardigans are made from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. Some of them are made from natural corozo (coming from the tagua tree, also known as vegetable ivory), while others are from fruit waste.

We only use upcycled LEATHER (hides) from food industry waste for our signature ROBI AGNES labels sewn onto our knitwear. Accordingly, we can honestly say that no animals are bred specifically for their hides, as we are turning an already existing leftover into durable labels. All because if we didn’t up-cycle the hides, they would end up creating a very big pile of waste.

SUPPLIERS & LOCAL CRAFTSMANSHIP – to reduce emissions, try to keep it as close to home as possible

We believe in the beauty and strength of a local supply chain. By keeping our supply chain close to home, we release fewer emissions. This way, we are less polluting & damaging our Mother Earth.

Therefore, we choose to source our suppliers, design our products and manufacture only locally in Europe. Over the years, we have successfully built a base of strong, loyal, and trusting relationships with all our suppliers, partners, and workers. And it has become a small, self-reliant supply chain that keeps the life cycle of our garments as economic and environmentally friendly as possible.

All our garments are designed and produced in Lithuania to maintain our generational local craftsmanship and knitting traditions that are important to us and our community. By supporting small businesses, knitwear & textile manufacturers, and sewing studios, we help to provide workspace for local artisans, as well as, transform the fashion industry through craft.

MORE RESPONSIBLE PACKING – small details create a big picture

Responsible sourced products should be packaged in environmentally friendly packaging that meets the same high standards. Considering every added element, we choose the “less is more” approach. No unnecessary paper, cards, or plastic that will end up as additional waste. 

However, all our knits are attached to our signature label made from recycled paper, elegantly wrapped in unbleached silk paper, and added to an undyed recyclable paper box or shopping bag. We don’t use any plastic layers in our packaging, which makes it biodegradable. 

All elements of our packaging are made in Europe.

CARE – made to last

The best thing we can do for the planet is to buy less and use what we have for longer. To ensure that our styles last, we believe in giving our customers proper care instructions along with an extra button in case repair is needed to maintain the item’s quality and durability. A comprehensive garment care guide with care advice is available at