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Kristjaana Mere

“I’m a big fan of Robi Agnes knitwear. Not only are they very cozy, warm and stylish but the quality of the wool is superior and remains its softness and texture perfectly.”

Greta Kvederavičienė

“My Pauline costume is not only comfortable but also stylish. It has a unique design that can be adapted for both office workdays and active leisure time.”

Milda Glebutė

“Robi Agnes brand name itself is a guarantee of quality. For a while now, both my clients and I have been embracing the elegance of garments from this brand, and we are endlessly satisfied. My current favorite sweater from the collection has captivated me, particularly due to its lightweight nature – it effortlessly conforms to my body while providing a pleasant sensation of warmth, thanks to its 100% merino wool composition. Furthermore, I must emphasize its design. The sweater’s unpretentious elegance is what ensnared my attention. Its immaculate style lends itself effortlessly to pairing with other attire, affording a canvas for crafting an array of distinct ensembles.”

Simona Mui

“I’ve known the ROBI AGNES brand for quite some time now, and it’s delightful to see that over the years, product quality and sustainability remain at the core of their priorities. I recently got my hands on their latest pieces: a linen suit in earthy tones and a blue knitted cardigan, and I can confidently say that these items will stay in my wardrobe for a long time! The quality, silhouettes, and thoughtful details make me believe that they will adorn me for many seasons to come. I can’t get enough of their versatility, the feeling of high- quality, and the sustainability of the fabrics. These are incredibly stylish garments that deserve a place in everyone’s closet!”

Dorota Dzenovagis

“For cool mornings, I was searching for a cardigan – one that drapes freely, in a gray color, and is warm enough for winter. The ROBI AGNES cardigan ‘EMA’ met all the requirements, so I bought it without hesitation. Our friendship has now lasted for 4 months, and I am extremely pleased with the purchase. In September, I returned here to acquire another desired sweater – SUZY. Now I wear this model most often and receive quite a few compliments. Not only are the ROBI AGNES sweaters praiseworthy, but the entire service is exceptional – the team is very kind, helpful, and attentive. Thank you! Sincerely, I am thankful because I am truly satisfied with both the products and the service on both occasions.”

Indrė Trusovė

“ROBI AGNES sweaters – a fresh breath of coziness and, at the same time, luxurious quality. What’s unique about these sweaters is that they effortlessly complement any outfit, no matter what I wear alongside them – I always feel exceptional.”

Simona Jakštienė

“Love at first touch! ROBI AGNES cardigans not only kept my daughters warm during colder days but also became loyal companions in all life situations. Their perfect, effortlessly combinable design and amazing quality (even after multiple washes!) are truly impressive. And the best part? They bring joy to many other little friends who’ve outgrown them. If you’re looking for something stylish and sustainable for a long-lasting friendship, 100% recommended!”

Greta Remeikytė-Stravinskė

“Robi Agnes sweaters and fantastic linen clothes are the best investment that can possibly be in my wardrobe. They are always number one when I want to feel comfortable and stylish.”

Liucina Rimgailė

“About 8 years ago, I became a loyal ROBI AGNES customer. All the knitwear I purchased back then is still in my wardrobe! The quality of those sweaters is amazing, and versatile designs are likely to never go out of style. It’s a modern classic that I adore the most. I’m thrilled that they now have a men’s line too. My husband has long been jealous of all my sweaters from ROBI AGNES. And once my son got his first sweater, he resisted taking it off before bedtime. I think that says it all without words.”

Rasa Jusionytė

“I constantly wear my two sweaters, cardigan, and linen set from ROBI AGNES. The most important thing is that the longer I wear them, the more comfortable they become; they start to feel almost like second skin. I recommend them to all my friends, because having high-quality clothes in the wardrobe that you always want to wear for both comfort and beauty is a great life hack!”

Aistė Kalčytė

“I love wearing ‘SUZY’ all year round. I chose it because I have sensitive skin, and many other fabric blends cause irritation and itching, but this 100% Merino wool sweater feels incredibly gentle on my skin.”

Šarūnė & Austėja

“We only needed to get our first ROBI AGNES item and that was it – we were hooked. It’s a bit of a drug. A positive kind of addiction, though. Exceptional quality and thought put into the tiniest of a detail. You don’t want to take it off.”

Inga Sinkevičienė

“When it comes to knitted pieces, quality is the main thing for me as well as responsible sustainable production. ROBI AGNES brand has it all. Every knitwear is created with love and appreciation. I’m enjoying every single piece I own. It is truly a quality that lasts for many seasons.”

Austėja Kainauskaitė

“I can’t imagine my wardrobe without a striped Monique jumper. Such a timeless, tasteful and trendy piece that goes with everything!”

Karolina Valeikaitė

“I’m still wearing my first one’s ROBI AGNES sweaters which I purchased back in 2014. After all these years, they still look the same way. Excellent quality and design will never get old.”

Justė Zinkevičiūtė

“The sweaters are unbelievable! I’ve been wearing them for more than five years and still continuously refreshing my wardrobe with new ones. The quality and uniqueness of the sweaters not only make you feel beautiful, but also match everything in your closet: skirts, dresses, shorts and trousers”

Vilma Žiliūtė

“GRETA cardigan is a perfect item for romantic summer evenings, and it keeps you warm as soon as the seasons change.”

Lina Poviliūnė

“Versatile and contemporary, for those cooler beach days or stylish office looks – ROBI AGNES sweater is a wardrobe essential every woman needs.”