Alpaca scarf ‘Cler’

100 % alpaca



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CARE: do not wash, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not iron, dry clean (delicate).

Alpaca wool is one of the most exclusive and sought-after types of wool known to man. It derives from the fibers that grow on alpacas.

The alpaca’s natural habitat is in the Andes in South America, where it lives in great herds at an altitude of 3-5000 meters, in a climate in which temperatures can fluctuate from minus 20 degrees to plus 30 degrees within just 24 hours. Yet, the alpaca has adapted to the Andes’ harsh climate with its fantastic thick coat that provides insulation against both – heat and cold.

Unlike sheep’s wool, which insulates by trapping a lot of air between the individual fibres, the alpaca fibres provide insulation because every fibre is hollow and filled with air, thus enabling a stable temperature to be maintained. As a result, an alpaca scarf or plaid is attractive, soft, and lustrous. Even very thin plaids are warm and can be used by most people who are allergic to wool.

This scarf is of alpaca wool from Peru, where the vast majority of the population of alpaca have their natural habitat. The skills of local artisans have been refined down through generations, thus enabling them to transform the raw fibres into beautiful textiles of exceptional quality.

Weight 200 g

Grey, Dark grey, Light grey, Sand