Once started as an adventure of two friends, who dared to swap their comfortable lives for a dream, today the story of ROBI AGNES is on its new page. With Roberta, one of the original co-founders, standing behind the wheel, the brand continues its journey –  full of past experiences, present discoveries and the pleasant excitement for the future.

The brand’s values and aspiration remain the same – to create stylish, high quality and comfortable knitwear for one’s joyful life. Inspired by surroundings, spiced up with life experiences and knitted from high-quality yarns, ROBI AGNES sweaters invite You for a long-lasting and sustainable friendship.

ROBI AGNES knitwear is meant for each and everyone – it doesn’t matter who You are or what You do. And there’s no need for any special occasion to wear these clothes too since every new day is a perfect occasion for being Yourself, enjoying the World surrounding and the People met.

We believe in dreams, honest work and little bit of success. Yet most importantly we believe in the human connection and the gift of getting to know another. Therefore, we are glad whenever a sweater is just another new way to meet You.