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Sweater ‘Julie’ white

50 % mohair superkid, 47 % polyamide, 3 % extra fine merino wool

genuine leather* label

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CARE: hand wash, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, dry flat, iron up to 110 °C, dry clean.

*Leather used in our garments is a by-product of the food industry.

This garment is knitted from yarn that contains mohair, a fiber obtained from the Angora goat that is best known for its distinct frizzy look with slightly stiff short threads, that can be visible in the final product. Mohair gives the product lustrous and luxurious feeling similar to the cashmere, angora or even silk. However, it’s hair can sometimes feel itchy, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Sometimes the indications on the precise measurements of the sweater might seem like rocket science! The thing is that the yarn has kind of a “personality”, hence it behaves somewhat independently during the manufacturing process of the garment: it might shrink or stretch differently while knitting, laundering or drying the garment. All of this might depend on the colour, the knitting method or the pattern of the yarn etc. Therefore, provided measurements of our products are approximate and can vary in the range of 4cm for every garment.

Weight 300 g

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