Sweater ‘Apple’ light blue ♻

95 % cotton, 5 % other fibers*

* 80 % of yarn’s composition is recycled fiber


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CARE: hand wash, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, iron up to 110 °C, dry clean.

80 % of this garment is made from recycled fibers ♻ The vintage denim is cut removing zips and buttons, then the pieces are reduced in fibres and put into production cycle again by spinning, mixing them with recycled cotton and finally transforming into a new thread. The thread obtained this way is sustainable and has almost no impact on the environment: old denim and cotton are reused in a new production cycle and the fibres are not dyed as they keep their original colours, so no new chemical colours are used (just consider that 100 L of water and 9 kW of electricity is needed to dye 1 kg of cotton).

To enjoy this knitted garment for many years to come, treat it with love and attention. Always follow general care instructions for the knitwear.

Sometimes the indications on the precise measurements of the sweater might seem like rocket science! The thing is that the yarn has kind of a “personality”, hence it behaves somewhat independently during the manufacturing process of the garment: it might shrink or stretch differently while knitting, laundering or drying the garment. All of this might depend on the colour, the knitting method or the pattern of the yarn etc. Therefore, provided measurements of our products are approximate and can vary in the range of 4 cm for every garment.


3 Y, 4-5 Y, 6-8 Y